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Andrea Torres, English teacher

The spelling bee 2019 took place on October 25th during the cultural week. This contest was the culmination of the bee week and preliminaries in each grade from preschool to elementary. The finals included guess the word in preschool, poems and song performances from students and in elementary there were two categories: Spell category for first to fifth grade and Tongue twister category for fourth and fifth.

Directives, judges, teachers, parents and students had a wonderful time in the finals. The contestants did an amazing presentation. Besides, the competition was tough and very interesting. We could see the results of participants hard work. But they also did much more: In addition, they improved spelling, comprehension, self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and the ability to thrive under pressure. The contest was a very important event in the process of learning English at Colegio de la Presentación.